Friday, 19 July 2013

Tips to Understand Various Factors Which Influence Online Sales

Online sales has proved to be a turning point for several small businesses which do not have money to invest in retail chains or opening their own stores. Online shopping has increased the importance of a website for any given company or a business house. However, creating a website or online shopping portal is not enough to attract people and convince them to buy your products.

There are several other factors like- content development, social media marketing, pay per click campaign management, etc. Let’s take a look at some points to understand more about these factors.

Importance of search engines and SEO for online sales

People use search engines like- Yahoo, Google, Bing, and AOL to find information about products and services which they wish to buy. These search engines gather data about content on various websites with the help of their virtual robots, web directories, and some undisclosed Algorithms. After gathering and compiling data, these search engines give rankings to websites and display their content in various search results as per keywords entered by the search engine users.

SEO means search engine optimization process. This process is performed in order to get better results in various search engine rankings. It mostly involves rearranging the website's content as per SEO guidelines, trends, and registering the concerned website with hundreds of web directories as per their category. It also involves placing the concerned website's links on other websites, and managing search engine marketing campaigns. There are several San Diego SEO service providers who are experienced in offering services to online sales portals. You can select the one which best suits your requirement. Avoid selecting service providers who are famous for using black hat SEO tricks to increase the number of visitors’ on their clients’ websites.

Importance of your website’s content

Search engines and SEO campaigns will assure maximum number of visitors, and prospect customers to your website. However, these prospect customers will buy your products from your website only if your website has enough content for description of products which you are selling. You should also put links for blog posts with customer review, and videos about your products.
Online shopping analysts suggest that people, who are purchasing something on a website for the first time, will definitely visit the - "About US" section of your website. So, it is advisable to make sure that you mention all the information about your company like- company's history, company's owners- share holders, company's line of business and all the necessary contact details in “About US” section.

Choose the best payment processing portal and mention all the information about the way you process payment. You can also mention about the website security certificates and details about the website designing company which takes care of your website's designing, managing, and website repair solutions.

Importance of Pay per click campaigns

World’s first pay per click campaign (PPC) was launched in 1996 by NEC computers. Today, after 17 years, PPC is almost the heart of online advertising and marketing industry. These days, almost all the advertisers prefer PPC campaigns rather than spending money on banner ads, or any other types of website ads.

To put it in simple words, under PPC advertising campaign, ads are placed on popular websites and even search engines. These ads have links to advertisers’ website. Whenever user clicks on these ads, the link in these ads redirect the user to the advertisers’ website. In PPC campaigns, the advertiser pays the campaign manager as per the number of clicks recorded on the advertisements. This helps advertisers to save plenty of money and also get genuine traffic on company’s website. To know more information visit

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