Friday, 21 June 2013

User Friendly and Popular Website Means More Business Opportunities

According to a recent study conducted in the United States, more than 40 per cent of the internet users prefer to shop online instead of in-store shopping. This makes it clear that a good website can definitely contribute in increasing number of customers and overall business profitability.
Let's take a look at some of the simple points highlighting important aspects related to websites.
Website's design
Experts in web designing suggest that users prefer to stay on websites which load quickly. So, while creating or updating a website, it is advisable to keep more of text content, and less graphics, images and videos which take lot of time of load.

You should opt for a design which is user friendly, and all the menus, tabs, sub tabs should be clearly visible. If you are selling your products or services on your website, make sure that you choose a payment gateway which is trust worthy. It is advisable to read reviews about various payment gateway options available, and then select the one which has less number of customer complaints.

It is advisable to talk about your preferences with your website designing company before they start working on your website.

How to select the best Web designing company?

Website represents your company or business in the virtual world. You should outsource your website creation, and maintenance work to a company which has a dedicated and talented team of website designers. You should opt for a company which has worked with several organisations, and is willing to disclose various case studies about its clients.

It is advisable to opt for a company which not only offers web designing, but also offers other services like- content development, SEO, SEM, Internet advertising, data mining , etc.

Content development

It is the process of developing content for websites based on their requirements. Content development involves researching, gathering, editing and organizing information and publishing it on websites with proper images, videos, and graphics to support that information. It also involves technical writing, product and company naming, story boarding, and more.

Content writing work should be outsourced to individuals and organizations that have experienced team of writers working with them. Content writers should have adequate knowledge about marketing, journalism, advertising world, and public relations (PR).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the procedure performed in order to get better rankings for website in search engine results.

Search engines use certain techniques to give rankings to various websites in their search results. Search engines refer various web directories, links, and the content on the website to decide its rankings.

SEO process mainly involves registering the concerned website with various web directories, and placing links on other websites. It also involves organizing the concerned website's design, content, keywords in content, and headings on various articles as per SEO guidelines.

Depending on your budget allotted for SEO campaigns, you can select a San Diego SEO firm, and opt for PPC (pay per click) ads on various search engines. You can also opt for other search engine marketing campaigns offered by these firms to attract more visitors to your website.

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