Wednesday, 20 February 2013

PHP in the Website Development world

PHP is very much in demand for the Website Development San Diego people today. Every website developer/designer feels that this language has brought about a big change to the web development world. Earlier there were static web pages that had to be edited manually it didn’t support anything other than displaying text and images on a web page. It was nothing what we are seeing today. But, with the introduction of PHP Development California in 1995 everything has been changed completely. It is better to say it is much more advanced.
After the entry of the PHP, it became possible to create dynamic web applications that generated dynamic content and also allowed users to interact with the old static web pages. If you’ve never heard about it you must be an alien to Website Development San Diego.
Let’s see what this is actually.
PHP is a scripting language that was originally created for developing dynamic web applications. But today it focuses mainly on server side scripting and it is similar to other server side scripting languages that provide dynamic content from a Web server to a client, like Microsoft's ASP.NET, Sun Microsystems JSP and others.
Let us compare PHP with these other server side scripting languages and find out which wins the race:
Comparison with Java

Java too is a very powerful server side scripting language used for Website Development San Diego. However, Java is a little confusing programming language when compared to it. Java needs well versed experienced developers to develop their codes. Also, it is server aligned whereas Java is not.
Comparison with .Net
. Net is a dominant tool in the present Web development platform. This programming language from Microsoft is adaptable, provided you are a good programmer. . Net is very costly when compared to it and also it have more difficulties attached with stage linked problems. Moreover, . Net is compatible with Windows environment only. This Windows only functioning with .Net proves to be rather costly option as the output cost amplifies greatly. On the contrary, PHP and associated programs are available for free, making it more attractive for businesses and cheaper too.
However you can also see that unlike .Net and JAVA, PHP doesn’t need any specified framework to build a website application. PHP based web applications can be developed with any IDE on any platform with any local host installed. It is fully independent you can say.
It proves to be a better option for website development than any other language. Here are some of the benefits coming along with this language: 
·         It can easily be embedded into HMTL.
·         It offers low creation and maintenance cost.
·         It supports open source programming which is free of cost.
·         It provides full customization option as new features and functionality can be anytime added or removed as per the customer's requirements.
·         It is highly reliable and secure programming language.
·         It is compatible with all major operating systems, browsers and web servers.
·         It provides support for all major database servers like MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL etc.
·         It is a good option to create Ecommerce applications, discussion forums and blogs. Also, large business applications and corporate websites can be easily made using it.
Apart from this, this language has also attracted the evolution of many frameworks that provide various building blocks and design structures to promote rapid application growth in Website Development San Diego world. Choose PHP Development California to develop your web presence as it would be a cost effective deal and also the business reaps a lot of advantages.

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