Friday, 2 November 2012

PHP as a custom programming language

Today the web development industry has to face much tougher competition to mark its existence in the software market with so many programming languages coming up in the market day to day. There are many technologies that can be utilized for developing the Custom web applications and software products. In market there are several technologies available among which PHP development is getting very popular currently. The extent of its popularity is due to the fact that it has emerged as a serious contender to .Net and Java. This language is much simpler than Java and .net with is written along with HTML and uses most of HTML tags that are less complicated than java syntaxes.
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is an open source general purpose server side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. Today, PHP is listed as the most popular module on internet servers with over 20 million Internet domains using it. It is considered as the best Custom programming language to develop Custom web applications and other proprietary websites. You can find many high ranking websites are developed using this PHP Custom programming San Diego like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Yahoo etc.
Custom programming San Diego creates scripts in PHP for its dynamic properties. Custom programming allows the users to create interfaces to make their website accessible from any web browser without the need to have knowledge of any scripting languages for its users. It allows us to create web pages that provide visitors with instant updates of messages, posts, news articles and anything else you may want included with your website. For an instance all social networking sited today integrate such Custom web applications in their sites. Also, combined with JavaScript, it can be used to create sites that update instantly without the need to manually refresh or load pages and truly interactive websites.
PHP Custom programming San Diego also made it possible for dynamic websites to exist on the Internet. With this language it is now possible to develop highly complex custom web applications for websites as it can be used for both frontend and back-end development as well. Since it is basically based on the C++ language, it is easy for most programmers familiar with the C++ syntax to code and decode it which speeds up its web application development to much extent.
However there are many Custom web applications that are developed on PHP which have many extensive features and advantages to offer to its users, some of which are like:
·         It is especially design for the custom web based applications.
·         It is a robust and proven platform.
·         It is open source so can be upgraded instantly anywhere.
·         The web applications with PHP have high security feature embedded in them.
·         It is highly customizable and adaptable.
·         It runs on Apache web server, which indeed can run on Windows, Solaris, Linux, UNIX and other server platforms to provide a flexible application hosting.
·         It offers quick solutions for all web based applications that are fast, reliable, affordable and secured.
·         The web application in PHP reduces the overall web application development costs.
Hence, it can be understood that custom web application development becomes a lot simpler and straightforward with PHP Custom programming San Diego. The debugging process of this language is also simple and consumes less time than the other programming languages. It is also possible to create extremely robust and secure applications using this language. Therefore, using PHP is a much more beneficial for custom web application development and web application development than any other technology.

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