Monday, 30 April 2012

Designing an Impressive Website

Designing the website to impress your visitor is an important factor to consider before you go for website design. People visit websites for information. They may not necessarily be interested in what you sell when they first visit the site. Information is the number one factor for visitors to visit the site. People wish to know all about a product or service before they spend their money. Giving your visitors what they want and writing some good informative information about your product or service is very essential.

Here are some points to consider for designing an impressing website

Get a simple professional looking template one that is relevant to your market. They are easy to work with and images can be adjusted with imaging software. This makes all your web pages look uniform and professional. Simple navigation is a must. Make your navigation simple and straightforward so that even a layman could find their way around.

Graphic Design can often enhance the product but one must be careful to make them small and professional. Be cautious of fancy flash designs. These can slow up your website and cause visitors to leave. It is vital for your business to have a fast loading website.

Do not use unique fonts and bright colors. When you are running a business site it should be clear and professional at all times. Do not do anything that will take away your visitor's concentration from your information and sales note.

Make sure that you have a strong and attractive sales page. This is a key to successful business. Without a good looking sales page you cannot sell even the crazy products and services. Your sales copy must be private, effective, accurate and professional. Do offer your visitors a free newsletter. This will help you capture the prospects that are not quite ready to buy but you will be able to build a targeted business list of interested promising buyers, who will probably buy one or more of your products or services in the future.

Save a template for creating new pages for easy and quick maintenance of the website. Create a page that has all your website design elements, including your menu and header, except content. When you create a new page, start out by copying that template. For pages that may have a lot of material to be added in the future, set the pages up so they can expand vertically.

If you update a page often, make a back up copy each time you are getting ready to update it. When you have a page with pictures, make sure to keep any new pictures the same width or height as the others. Don’t use too many colors and sizes in your fonts. Avoid using lots of bold and italic words and sentences. That makes the site look unprofessional.

Comfort your visitors with great content development to remember and return to your website. Make your website the favorite store for your products and services by attracting your visitors and making their visit to your site pleasant.

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