Monday, 12 December 2011

Importance of Website Maintenance and Re-Design

Maintenance of a website is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to lose your visitors. Maintaining your web site means continuously updating it with fresh content, keeping it free from errors like broken links and sloppy codes to maintain a high position in the search engines. A website should be updated regularly, have new features added and must have working links. Sometimes website requires redesign when it has unorganized content and poor usability. Website redesign is a perfect opportunity to put things back on track. It will also result in better user experience.

With any redesign it is great time to do little rethinking. By understanding what people are looking for from your site you will be able to better position that information within the architecture of the entire site. Users of your website make quick judgment within seconds viewing your homepage. By making an outstanding first impression with a clean and professional look the user gets a sense of trust for the company behind the site.

Your site could have exact information a specific user is looking for. However if it takes too long for them to locate it chances are they will go somewhere else to find the information. By making your site as user friendly as possible you will be able to guide the user to specific areas of content. Also it leads the user to other areas of website that they might not have known about.

Broken links will annoy visitors making them click elsewhere off your site, thus losing a potential customer. Businesses that once linked to your site may have closed down, thus causing broken links to appear. Check for broken links on your site at least once a month. Search engines will more regularly spider your site if the content on your web pages is continually updated or changed. One excellent method is to add a new article to your site every week or two.

You may be getting a lot of hits or visitors to your site but no one is buying. Your web copy could be at fault. Try rewriting it; focus primarily on the benefits of your product. Sometimes changing one or two lines can increase the percentage of sales from your site. Create a web site maintenance plan that will ensure your web site is performing at its optimum level. This is essential if you wish to improve your Internet Marketing or increase sales and stay ahead of your competition.

New features can dramatically improve the user experience. Online calendar that allow users to register for events is a perfect example of how a simple feature increases the value of the site. As such company does not need a person to answer the calls for every registration. With features like this your users will have more interaction with your site and company.

The main goal of a Website Repair or re-design is to create better experience for your users. There are many approaches to attain this. It may be new look, revised navigation scheme or a complete examination. With a perfect Website Design your site will reflect your company and ensure sense of trust with your present and future customers.

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